Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!!

So how was your new year celebration? Did you have a blast?

This year my new year celebration was...erm, actually I didn't celebrate it at all. I fall asleep at 10 after coming back from the gym. H went out to have dinner with the girls' in her family and met his guy friends after that. I was too lazy and sleepy to join that I said no. Then dozed off only to wake up at 1am to read SMS sent by friends wishing a happy new year.

I so wish this new year 2010 would bring much happiness to me. Amin.

So, let's do a flashback of what 2009 had been for me, shall we?


At home in Perlis. Diligently searching for a job. Had this idea of setting up an online blog selling vintage clothing. Had my first interview at a pharmaceutical consulting company. Sadly didn't get the job, apparently I was, quote "lack of experience" end quote. Whatever.. My final semester project was planing a sterile injectable production for undisclosed pharma company. Like that was not an experience?

Went to KL with my sister. Had so much fun together.


Still looking for a job. Got another interview. The company took my final semester project but didn't offer me the job. Lucky it was in German. Good luck in translating those. What an ass.

Bought a car using my own money. It was my biggest purchase so far. And no, if you total up all my other purchase, it still don't equal to what I paid for the down-payment.


Still job searching. And waiting for my car.


Still job searching. Got a job interview at the current company. Being offered the position immediately. Apparently they were desperate and so was I. Asked to start working in June since I'm waiting for my car.


I turned 26. The worst birthday ever this year. Had a misunderstood fight with H on this very day that is my birthday. Bad timing. Still waiting for my car. It took years for Proton to settle down the paper work for their exchange programme. Like WTF? If you can't handle all the paper works involved, don't start all the exchange-old-car-to-new programme la kan?


For the first time, H came to Perlis to help me with things i.e. moving out to Subang. My parents invited him for tea then all of sudden, my pakcik and makcik came, unexpectedly. So nervous ok. I'm afraid being bombarded with the marriage questions.

Start working and adjusting life to a new place. Work-wise nothing much happened for the next 3 months.

Nothing much happened at work. I started disliking the job. Felt like I was cheated of the job scope during the interview. Went on 5 days visit to customers in the northern area. Finally got my car.


Work=boring boring boring. Nothing much happened.


Refer above. (Note: Laziness had taken over me. Note that the wording had become less.)

Went to Kuching to celebrate raya. First raya in Malaysia after 5 years. Had so much fun but kinda missed raya celebration in Germany.


Same as above. Start the mission of "it's time to look for another job". Went to Teluk Intan for attend a friend's sister's wedding. Overnighted in Teluk Batik. Had a blast with closest friends.


Finally got my first sales. No wonder the boss wanted to sack me if he can have his way. I bring no profit to his company. Boo-hoo.


A lot of good stuffs and shits happened this month. I had my umph-th emotional breakdown, bf officially proposed to me, his parent agreed to come for an engagement some time in 2010, finally found the perfect ring (for me) for the engagement, and had another meltdown on New Year's Eve. What a way to end the year Moose... And oh after we payed the deposit for the ring, I freaked out a bit for things suddenly moving too fast. Yes, I tend to freak out a LOT, whenever things are out of my control. I need to loosen up a bit. Bf thinks I am getting too German. Meticulous in every possible way.

So there a quick summary of what 2009 had been for me. I really hope that 2010 will be a better year for me. I have an engagement ceremony and wedding to plan, insya Allah. There, I said it. Yes people, yours truly is getting hitched. Ta-daa! I finally announce it to the world!

*doing star jump*

I am praying that God will give me happiness dan dimurahkan rezeki in every possible way.


reena said...

I tidoq ja time countdown tu. Pastu tersedaq kol 12 lebih, pastu sambung tidoq balik. Zzzzz.. Vavava! Sudah announce! Heee. Actually i pun target this year tapi rasa macam kena pot pone lagi je :( Apapun congrats babe! Jangan lupa jemput i tauuu. Wish u happiness and murah rezeki selalu! :)

Moose said...

zaman untuk berhuha masa new year sudah over. tidoq lagi baguih. thanks, yes sudah announce. mula2 malas nak announce lagi. ingat after majlis baru nak announce tapi what the heck..
insya Allah nanti i jemput, u kena mai tau! u pun janganlah postpone lambat2. i nak mai makan kenduri. hiks!