Happy New Year

I did my recap on the year 2009 here and feel the need to do the same for the year 2010.

2010 has been a good year so far. I entered 2010 as a single (but not available, hikhikhik) and left it as a married woman and for that I am so grateful.


When we made the announcement that we're getting engaged end of 2009, we started doing the planning for our engagement. January is a stressful month for me as I was juggling between the e-day preps, searching for new job and attending job interviews.


On the 14th, we are enfianced! We had a super simple and no fuss engagement that I loved to bits. Even my e-day dress is a simple Rizalman's inspired baju kurung teluk belanga with no blings.

Less is more isn't it?


Got a new job only to loathe it 3 months later. Started planning for the presumably December wedding. We didn't have the exact date during that time but knew that it gonna take place some where in December because of the school holiday and all.

April, May, June, July, September, October, November

WEDDING PREPARATION. Enough said. Hehe, my so-called social life graph decreased tremendously because of whole wedding thing-y that consumed most of my time and energy. Not to mention the unnecessary dramas. Glad that now I am finally over with it!

And oh, met wonderful bride-to-be bloggers at some of the wedding that I attended. I've been blogging for 6 years but it's the first time that I met people from the blogging world. Power to the world of blogging and sorry for sounding like a nerd. Hehe.


We got hitched on the 25th. We had a short engagement and only 10 months to do all the preps. But I think being under time and budget constraint, I am happy with the outcome although not entirely. I mean, imperfections are expected, no?

Wedding is only a part of celebration of the union between two people and families. You don't wanna let it get into your head and ruin the ultimate reason of a wedding;

the joy of being together. Legally as husband and wife. Eternally, insya Allah.

Bila nak buat review ntah taktau. HAHA.


NahWaL said...

recap recap.i wonder whats waiting for mr in 2011.good things i hope.but take on a postive attitude
and everything turns good!!

and malam tadi daus kata " husband
moose pon ok jugak".haha tiba2.

suka aku daus dapat jumpa korang finally.even though yaya huda lynda belom officially jumpa and ramah mesra ,ko wakila tu.hee

and yes,aku rasa kau dah jadi korean superstar

and pg tadi aku ptong 3 q sebab lagi 10 minit nak fly,baru nak print boarding pass.


sumpit said...

hahahahaha, so typical of org baru kawin :P settle je majlis, terus malas nak buat apa2 (I'm speaking for myself yer, but i bet u're feeling the same way too hehehehe)

takpe, take ur time, lepas 3 bulan baru review pon org paham :D

shueyshoelove said...

congrats moose!! review review. ahah. duk tunggu review since last week. we share the same sentiment on how a wedding reception should be. marriage is more important above all! =) happy new year!!!

Moose said...

ok sangat random komen ko. what korean superstar? tak nampak n paham aku psl korean superstar ni. haha.

laki aku ckp ape yg ok nye? tetibe.

nak buat review tapi takde proper gambar so cam malas. beside, we haven't fully settle in our crib yet, so double malas.

happy new year to you too! i believe we shouldn't spend a lot for a wedding but oh well, it's all in the past now but i am glad that i manage to still stay in my budget. terlebih sikit tu biasa la kot.

i promise i will once i have proper photos. i have drafted few entries already and will publish it once i have all of the photos.

Qis said...

Moose, congrates! (sorry super lembab nak wish... x ingat dah wish ke blom...)

Haha, mmg lepas wedding malas... dah berbulan2 pon tetap akan malas... tak tau bila akan rajin balik... Haha

farahfatihah said...

babe cepat2 buat review huhu

whitelacetale.weddings said...

moose congrats!!
nak tunggu bali review ;)

ashieBee said...

Congrats moose!!! Can't wait to read your wedding review and oh, nak tgk baju from unaisah pls? :))