A Year in Photos

Praise to Lord, 2011 has been a kind not mentioning a good year to me. In the spirit of the new year and continuing the blog's tradition on reflecting what year it has been, let's take a recap, shall we?

It started with this,

Shah Alam, January 2011
Then followed by,

Bali, January 2011

Matilah hidupku gelap gelita katanya. Kahkah. Gosh, this blog is getting more lame by seconds.

Well, I have to admit that since my camera died on me last year, I haven't bought a new one. So I am totally relying on H's DSLR camera. But then, lugging a bulky DSLR on an outing seems so....., inconvenient. Which explains why in the photo memories department, there aren't much.

Ok, let's move on shall we? I am truly grateful to the Almighty for bestowing me with another year of good life & health, a supportive husband who is also my bestfriend, great in-laws and not forgetting my ever loving family. Alhamdullilah.

But yeah, life ain't always rainbow and sunshine. Despite having a good year, I was having few meltdowns in the beginning of the year. I was so frustrated with my career path that I might have stepped out of my boundaries as a human, a bit. During this point, I was truly lucky having H as my husband for he has given me the much needed motivation, support and guidance. And for that I am truly and forever thankful.

But like they said, God works in a mysterious way that sometimes it's beyond our understanding and grasp. Lets' just say that our patience paid off because it's too personal to disclose.

Bak kata Siti Nurhaliza, biarlah rahsia.


But then life is too short to be mellowed down with sorrow. Pick up my pace and ran 5km in Standard Chartered KL Marathon, despite spraining my ankle a week before and managed to clock 40 minutes! Yeah, yeah, nothing to shout but at least it's an achievement for me.

A day trip to Malacca with my parents,

Yucks, muka berminyak boleh goreng telur

Then it was Raya,

Flew off to Ho Chi Minh for our backpacking trip,

Attended few weddings & engagements in between,

Yati's wedding
I did the hantaran's arrangement for my brother. Amateurish, I know. 
My brother's engagement

Then it's time to wave goodbye to the love of my life to a place 10,000km away.

Yang baju merah tu pretty much still single. Nak berkenalan? Kahkah

2 months of LDM, before I knew it, it's our first anniversary! How time flies.

Thank you 2011 for such a wonderful time. Looking back, I think I've grown into much more calm, collected, wise(r) and matured person in a year.

Here's a toast (just a figurative speech, nothing to do with the act of toasting) to 2012, hoping that it'll bring much more happiness, love and rizkh.

Insya Allah.


LisaLisut said...

Er err err jgn marah tp i nk ckp gmbr last kt airport tu husben anda kelihatan extra hensem, haircut myb? Heeee. Ok bye,happy new year :D

Mrs Kecik said...

oit..shahril pun single kan? ke kitorg missed cerita apa2 ni?

Moose said...

lisa: haruslah laki mak kembang dengar ni uols.

nasrah: aku tak rapat sgt dgn shahril so tktau. haha. tp yg baju merah tu bestfriend haikal so mmg tau sgt2. kihkih

Hidayati Farhan said...

yayyy, muka saya dalam moose on the loose. x sangka ni x sangka. pemes ai. kahkahkah. thanx kak moose sbb datang n happy belated anniversary yah :D

~ Lady D ~ said...

hi! been followed ur blog silently. sonok baca happy stories other pple. b4 and after the wedding. i wished i could b one of u guys. happy new year!

Hana Jaffar said...

eh.kakak i! (in the attended wedding picture no.2)

Moose said...

your kakak is fariza ke? or the bride? or zetty? or the girl in short hair?

Hana Jaffar said...

fariza ;)