Velkommen til Norge

[English: Welcome to Norway]

Cold air greeted me as I stepped outside of the 16-hours flight and as I peeked through the window, the airport runway was covered with patches of snow. It snowed the whole day, a day before and outside, the winter temperature of -5C was waiting for me. It was spine-chilling cold and I was thinking to myself that this synthetic sweater won't stand a chance against this harsh cold Norwegian winter.

Looking back to where it all began, I made the decision to join H by the end of November and I purposely kept it a secret from my friends. In December, I tendered my resignation and from there on, everything happened so fast sometimes it felt so surreal. And fast forward, here I am. Most people I know are truly happy with the decision that I made. And honestly, it was not  an easy one to make initially. I nearly had a change of heart at the last minute, thinking how much I enjoy my work, the whole office atmosphere and my kind boss, whom I've learned so much from for the past 6 months. I left them with heavy heart and hope to meet such wonderful team again in the future.

It took all the packing skills that I had to pack countless clothes and 5 pairs of shoes in one 29" luggage in 3 days. It's a miracle actually considering that the luggage was within the allowance weight of 30kg. Well, if I can manage to pack 2 weeks of clothing into an 32 liter Vaude, packing clothes for 18 months in an 29" luggage should seem like a breeze.

Yeah right.

God knows how much I sweat trying to push it all without bursting the zippers!

I am still adjusting to the new environment, language, time zone and routine. So far, the thought of becoming a full time housewife and child rearing (!) seem endearing to me. LOL. In short, I'm up for anything that life (in Norway) can give me, from cooking and becoming the next Martha Steward to ice-skating and skiing or to flea markets scouting.

But first, let me start my day with a cup of coffee and Smørrebrød and just sink in the moment, letting the warmth of the coffee runs through my cold vein.

Aah, the bliss.

The view from our window


The Spasmodic Scribbler said...


My ex-boss is in Norway! :)

I wonder if there are THAT many Malaysians in Norway though.

But cool nonetheless, get to learn all those healthy and yummy Scandinavian food!!

And the winter must be bad! How I wish I am overseas, again. Duh.

♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

moose, aku rindu kau lah!

Reen Tart Nenas said...

owh, lepas ni skill memasak harus lah seperti chef wan :) anyway, good luck for your new environment. takpe, at least dekat dgn husband :)

*owh i still miss Germany, but of course, not the ppl. esp the immigration officer :(

Moose said...


there are few malaysian here. mostly from my husband's team. luckily the company send them in 1 batch of 10 pax and most guys are married, so they're bringing their wives & kids as well so i'm not all alone.

but then the cold weather make me prefer to stay home. lol

Moose said...

mengada kan.. haha

germans can be cold & rude sometimes. but i like to think them not as rude but their very strict & dedicated in carrying out their job

sya said...

bless you girl! have fun on your new adventure, Moose! can't tell you enough how proud and happy I am for you ;D

bolehlah kami singah-singgah kalau sampai di Norway ye ;p